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Into a Hacker's Mind: How Attackers Look at Your Application

Hear firsthand the steps an attacker takes to break through your defenses. Derek Carlin, Lead Penetration Tester at Cobalt shares learnings from over 7 years of experience and tips on how to collaborate with pentesters during each engagement to get the most out of your pentest. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how manual pentesting finds vulnerabilities scanners routinely miss.

Watch To Learn About:

  • The anatomy of a pentest, from reconnaissance to reportThe steps a hacker takes to break through defenses
  • Tools and methodologies for web, mobile, and network tests
  • How pentesters stay up to date with new threats – and how you can, too
  • And more

A successful pentest starts with a clear and descriptive scope — how to prepare one is exactly what Vanessa covers. Learn which briefs get the most productive tests, the wins and losses of following a black-box approach, what information testers need to verify user permissions (and if someone can access something they’re not supposed to), and how to prepare your infrastructure so everything keeps running smoothly.

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