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Cobalt values the health and safety of its employees, customers, and event attendees. In light of the ongoing threat of exposure to COVID-19, Cobalt recommends the following of all PtaaS Exchange attendees:

  • Continue to social distance as much as possible to reduce transmission;
  • Wear well-fitting masks while indoors around others;
  • Obtain vaccination and/or booster shots where able;
  • Test for COVID-19 frequently and/or when experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

If you test positive for COVID or suspect you have been exposed to COVID near in time to a PtaaS Exchange event you will attend, please refrain from attending the event.

All PtaaS Exchange events are subject to governmental and venue-specific COVID safety guidance and restrictions. Please ensure you are in compliance with those requirements. Attendance may be denied where an individual is unable to comply with applicable COVID restrictions.
The following lists relevant COVID guidance and restrictions applicable to the particular PtaaS Exchange event locations:
Unfortunately, COVID’s spread and evolution continues, and accordingly COVID safety guidance and requirements may change over time. Please take steps to educate yourself on future modifications of the above-described restrictions to ensure compliance.