The ROI of Partnering with Cobalt

CalWEDNESDAY, May 11th, 2022
Did you know partner opportunities close up to 15% faster than traditional opportunities? And partner opportunities have up to 25% larger ASPs than traditional opportunities?

That’s why we’ve developed the Cobalt partner program, a group of leading cybersecurity technology companies and consulting firms providing organizations with the solutions and strategies they need to strengthen both their customers and their own security posture — and easy access to providing clients with a fast, reliable pentest!

Learn more about the ROI of partnering with Cobalt as your go-to pentesting partner for your customer’s security needs. We’re going to dive into the benefits of partnering with a Pentest as a Service provider like Cobalt and what members of the program can expect including:
  • How to earn referral fees — our highest performing partner receives more than $17K a year!
  • Shorter sale cycles with higher win rates and unlocking new business opportunities
  • Increased customer satisfaction by helping your clients afford twice as many pentest with the same budget and offering preferred pricing to your clients
  • and more!

The ROI of Partnering with Cobalt

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